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Welcome to the Municipal Assistance Bureau SharePoint Site.  Here you will find documents and templates available for the development of local projects.



    • MAB General Information - Municipal Assistance Bureau website.
    • MAB Guidebook and Appendix - Municipal Assistance webpage with links to the Local Projects Guidebook and Appendices. 
    • MAB Process - Flowchart diagram of the Project Development process for local projects.
    • FHWA Federal-Aid Essentials - Video library in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) website with guidance on the development of locally managed federal-aid projects.  Each topic contains the video, a companion PDF and web links to resources.   

            Federal Aid Projects

            Project Definition and

            Design Phase

            (This section also includes documents used for Scoping Projects)

            • Granting and Project Administration - This page contains the Project Commitment Form, Force Account Guidance, Invoices, Project Acceptance Memo, etc.
            • Municipal Project Manager Procurement - Examples and Forms used for the MPM selection (RFQ, RFP, SOW, etc.)  
            • Design_and_Scoping_Consultant Procurement - Examples and Forms used for the Design and Scoping Consultant selection (RFQ, RFP, SOW, etc.),
            • Design and Scoping - Kickoff meeting, Plans submittals requirements, Complete Streets Guidance, ADA Guide, Estimating Guides, Plans Submittals Checklist, Design Certification, Traffic Management Plan, Scoping Report Checklist, etc.         
            • Environmental - Programatic Agreement Categorical Exclusion Letter and Analysis (PACE), Categorical Exclusion Letter and Analysis (CE), NEPA submittal, Natural Resources Review Memo, 4(f) Easement Plans and Tables, etc.
            • Utilities and Permitting - Highway Access Permit (S. 1111), Utility Relocation Agreements, Utility and Railroad Clearance, etc.
            • Final Plans, Specifications and Estimate - Bid documents


            Right of Way Phase

            • ROW_Process - ROW Guide, ROW Process, and FHWA Real Estate Acquisition Guide
            • ROW Plans - Examples of Plans, ROW Details Sheet, ROW Plans Submittals Checklist, and Title Abstract
            • Appraisals - Appraisal, and Waiver Valuations 
            • Acquisitions - Donated Easement Letter, Negotiation Offer Letter, Deed Glossary of Terms, Warranty Deed of Easement, Fee Simple, Description Clauses, Grant of Temporary Rights, and Mortgage Release.
            • Certifications - Attorney Certification Letter, Town Self-Certification Letter


            Construction Phase

             State Aid Projects

            State Funded Bicycle Pedestrian Projects  

            PCF Small Scale BP Rev 9-23-19 - Project Commitments Form

            Title 22- Submittal Guide.pdf - Environmental requirements for State funded projects

            Municipal ROW and ​Permits letter template.docx

            Municipal Invoicing Spreadsheet - State Funded BikePed.doc

            Project Acceptance Memo - State Funded BikePed.pdf


            Other resources

            Complete Streets   

            VTrans Complete Streets Guidance Document.pdf

            Municipal Complete Streets Project Compliance Form.pdf - To be completed by towns and submitted to the Regional Planning Commissions on projects that are locally managed but not administered by VTrans Municipal Assistance Bureau.

            RPCs Complete Streets Tally Sheets.xls - To be completed by the Regional Planning Commissions and submitted to VTrans.