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Welcome to the Municipal Assistance SharePoint Site.  Here you will find documents and templates available for the development of local projects.



    • MAS General Information - Municipal Assistance Section website.
    • MAS Guidebook and Appendix - Municipal Assistance webpage with links to the Local Projects Guidebook and Appendices. 
    • MAS Process - Flowchart diagram of the Project Development process for local projects.
    • FHWA Federal-Aid Essentials Fact Sheet - Includes overview of Federal-aid Essentials Web site, and listing of video titles.
    • FHWA Federal-Aid Essentials - Video library in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) website with guidance on the development of locally managed federal-aid projects.  Each topic contains the video, a companion PDF and web links to resources.   

            Federal Aid Projects

            Project Definition and

            Design Phase

            (This section also includes documents used for Scoping Projects)

            • Granting and Project Administration - This page contains the Project Commitments Form, Force Account Guidance, Invoices, Project Acceptance Memo, Municipal Consultant Performance Evaluation, etc.
            • Municipal Project Manager Procurement - Examples and Forms used for the MPM selection (RFQ, RFP, SOW, etc.)  
            • Design_and_Scoping_Consultant Procurement - Examples and Forms used for the Design and Scoping Consultant selection (RFQ, RFP, SOW, etc.),
            • Design and Scoping - Kickoff meeting, Plans submittals requirements, Complete Streets Guidance, ADA Guide, Estimating Guides, Plans Submittals Checklist, Design Certification, Traffic Control References, Traffic Management Plan, Scoping Report Checklist, Scoping Project Acceptance Memo, etc.         
            • Environmental - Programatic Agreement Categorical Exclusion Letter and Analysis (PACE), Categorical Exclusion Letter and Analysis (CE), NEPA submittal, Natural Resources Review Memo, 4(f) Easement Plans and Tables, etc.
            • Utilities and Permitting - Highway Access Permit (S. 1111), Utility Relocation Agreements, Utility and Railroad Clearance, etc.
            • Final Plans, Specifications and Estimate - Bid documents


            Right of Way Phase

            • ROW_Process - ROW Guide, ROW Process, and FHWA Real Estate Acquisition Guide
            • ROW Plans - Examples of Plans, ROW Details Sheet, ROW Plans Submittals Checklist, and Title Abstract
            • Appraisals - Appraisal, and Waiver Valuations 
            • Acquisitions - Donated Easement Letter, Negotiation Offer Letter, Deed Glossary of Terms, Warranty Deed of Easement, Fee Simple, Description Clauses, Grant of Temporary Rights, and Mortgage Release.
            • Certifications - Attorney Certification Letter, Town Self-Certification Letter


            Construction Phase

             State Aid Projects

            State Funded Bicycle Pedestrian Projects  

            PCF Small Scale BP - Project Commitments Form

            Title 22- Submittal Guide.pdf - Environmental requirements for State funded projects

            Municipal ROW, ​Permits and Accommodations letter template.docx

            Municipal Invoicing Spreadsheet - State Funded BikePed.doc

            Project Acceptance Memo - State Funded BikePed.pdf


            Other resources

            Complete Streets   

            VTrans Complete Streets Guidance Document.pdf

            Municipal Complete Streets Project Compliance Form.pdf - To be completed by towns and submitted to the Regional Planning Commissions on projects that are locally managed but not administered by VTrans Municipal Assistance Bureau.

            RPCs Complete Streets Tally Sheets.xls - To be completed by the Regional Planning Commissions and submitted to VTrans.