Municipal Assistance Bureau

Federal Aid Projects

Project Definition and Design Phase

Municipal Project Manager Procurement


Municipal and RPC MPM


Consultant MPM - RFP and RFQ/RFP Process

RFP and RFQ/RFP Examples:

RFP and RFQ/RFP Attachments:

Ranking Form Examples:


Consultant MPM - At-the-Ready Process (ATR)

At-the-Ready Process.pdf

ATR 2020 MPM Consultants: 

(Current roster of Qualified Consultants)

ATR 2017 MPM Consultants: 

(This Roster of Qualified Consultants expired on March 28, 2020.)

ATR RFP Example and Forms:


MPM Contract

Contract Example:

Contract Attachments:

References and Links

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MAB Guidebook and Appendix
MAB Local Projects Process Flowchart
FHWA Federal-Aid Essentials