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Federal Aid Projects

Project Definition and Design Phase

Design and Scoping Consultant Procurement


This page contains documents and templates used for the procurement of the Design Consultant.  Documents for the procurement of consultants for Scoping Projects are also included here.


Design Consultant - RFP and RFQ/RFP Process


RFP and RFQ/RFP Examples:

 RFP and RFQ/RFP Attachments:

 Ranking Form Examples:


Design Consultant - At-the-Ready Process (ATR)

At-the-Ready Process.pdf 

ATR 2023 Design Consultants:

(Current Roster of Qualified Consultants for new contracts between 3/27/2023 to 3/27/2026)​

​ATR 2020 Design Consultants:

(This Roster of Qualified Consultants expired on March 26, 2023)

ATR 2017 Design Consultants:

(This Roster of Qualified Consultants expired on March 28, 2020.)

ATR RFP Example and Forms:


Consultant Contract


Contract Example:

Contract Attachments:


References and Links

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